Our story began in the year 2001, when the seafood company we worked for many years closed its doors. We decided to start our own company, and we did just that.


With much effort, enormous hopes and the experience gathered from our previous employment, we began to receive and deliver orders personally to our first clients. It was one of these first clients that rented out to us the first refrigerator our company would use to store its products.


By 05/2001 we were established in a small warehouse, and 06/2001 months after that we purchased our very first delivery truck. Little by little, we acquired more trucks for our small fleet and began to need larger warehouses.


From its very inception, our company has been a family business. Our first employees were our sons and daughters, and the driver of our first delivery truck was a friend that continues to works with us to this day.


As these 09/2001 years have gone by our company has earned the respect and trust of a very diverse clientele and our products proudly bear the seal of quality that has come to represents us.


Currently, our business consists of a fleet of 20 trucks and more than 50 employees, 1 Big warehouse, and more of 600 diferents products, and continues to expand as we offer our clients the very same cordial and friendly service that we have offered since the day we began.


  • Cold storage redistribution
  • Dry & refrigerated
  • Quality Transportation